Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's all about Rear Ends - A week in Review

Last weekend A finally gave in and called a plumber to come Monday. Our ancient toilet had been "rocking" when you sit for quite some time. Living in a house of males, who only have to sit sporadically, meant that my requests to have it taken care of ASAP went unnoticed. When the leak appeared that finally made A leap into action. After many calls from the company to reschedule the appointment time (I knew the original small window of between 10 a.m. and noon was too good to be true) the plumber finally showed up 5 minutes before I needed to leave to go pick C up at school. I had REALLY wanted it taken care of while the boys were at school - anything out of the ordinary, particularly strangers in our home, really throw C for a loop.

Knowing things might not go according to MY plan (do they ever?) I discussed the fate of our old toilet with C the night before and reminded him on the way to school that when he came home we should have a new toilet and the plumbers might still be there. We also had to talk about the fact that we were getting a new toilet. We knew this would be an issue for C. As the years go on he has developed more and more rigidity around toileting and using other people's bathrooms has been an issue the past two years.

The plumber and his assistant were very efficient and helpful. When C first got home from school they kept saying "oh no, he's ok" when I was trying to get him upstairs to watch TV and keep him out of their hair. Funny how after he got into full OCD swing of things they were no longer trying to stop me as I attempted to redirect him. After all the work was complete and the workmen gone home, C kept going in and just looking at the toilet. He held out for as long as he could and then asked for me to help him. Basically he just needed re-assurance that even though the toilet didn't "feel right" it was all going to be ok. That night at bedtime we talked a little about the new toilet and he said "It will be ok mom, cause I know you'll be there to help me". Ah, melt my heart.

Then on Wednesday I uncharacteristically decided to go home on my lunch hour and for my troubles I got rear ended by a lady that proclaimed "Honestly I didn't even see you because I was looking in my rear view mirror!" WTF? Anyhow, though my neck was a little sore the next day there was very minimal damage to the car so I could take a deep breath and be thankful that it wasn't much worse.

So that folks was the highlight of our week

The [REAR] End

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  1. Awww! A definate melt-your-heart moment!