Friday, June 13, 2008

Kiss and Tell

Yesterday I called my friend, who always babysits my youngest when I am working. I wanted to let her know I would be picking him up instead of A. She told me that J's teacher took her aside at home time to let her know there had been an "incident". Immediately my stomach plunged and I thought "oh great, here we go". C had so many difficult times at that age - I can't help but worry.

From what she had been told, J got caught kissing a girl in class - a classmate was holding the girls head for him so he could kiss her. I thought at first it was just one girl, turns out he sees himself as the class cassanova and kissed at least four girls before the teacher put a stop to it.

Luckily the moms of the kids involved are understanding. One mom told me that she believes her daughter actually started it by kissing J on the cheek which then led to all the other kissing. I was relieved that the parents all seem to be on the same page about the whole thing. It was innocent and a good teaching opportunity about how to behave at school and who it is okay to kiss (e.g. your family).

One of the moms and I had a good chuckle as we watched our kids in the playground before school today and I suddenly recalled (and shared with her) chasing boys and pushing them down in the playground in Kindergarten and kissing them while they recoiled with horror. I never got caught and none of the boys told on me. The big difference here, my son doesn't think girls have cooties. He looked at me at bedtime with his eyes wide and dreamy as he said "You know mom, I know I'm not supposed to but kissing is fun".

Oh man are we in trouble.


  1. Ooooh boy! You have a ladies man too!

    My father picks up my son from school, and just a couple of weeks ago, Jaysen kissed a girl. A few days before that, Jaysen was hugging another girl, and the girl had a handful of his a** (my dad snapped a pic with his camera phone). Last night, Jaysen informed me that he was going to get married this summer when we go on vacation (check out my blog).


  2. Keep up the good work.