Sunday, November 16, 2008


I know I haven't been around, I'd like to be able to say it's because I have been SOOOOO busy. But you know what? I'd be lying and the truth is so much more satisfying. It's because I seem to have found my groove, the one where I am a good mother and wife AND I work outside the home. It's not perfect but it is so much better and more relaxed than it used to be. Balance in my life, a first for me.

I am not the only one having firsts. C now has his first paying job - delivering Sears catalogues. This fits with my new mission to help build his community (more on that in another post). It is a lot of work and I end up spending a lot of time focusing him enough to get them delivered but I turn around and pay him as soon as he delivers the last one - I figure in this situation immediate gratification will pay off more than waiting the two weeks it would take the company to pay. It's great exercise for us but I might have to scale to route back. Seems someone (ok, me) was overly ambitious and took on several routes that take us 3 or 4 days after school to finish the deliveries.

C also began to walk himself to school last week - he's in Grade 5 and we live 3 houses down from the school. Seemed like it was time - even if what pushed me to ok it was injuring my knee last weekend which made it hard to get around on Monday. He is so proud of himself and so are we. As he walks he turns around repeatedly to check in with us as we stand on the porch watching him.

These changes are all so wonderful. They make my heart full, re-energizing me and giving me purpose and hope for the future.

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  1. Hey there! That catalogue looks suspiciously familiar. Are you Canadian?

    You won by guessing the fake among the google searches on my blog. Email me (karyn1217 at aol dot com) your addy and I'll mail you a Hot Wheels Bad Mudder car! :)