Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Year Older

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy - and yes, even though you are turning 5 you are still my baby. Forever. Sorry, it's a mothers prerogative to forever and always consider you her baby - although I will try to refrain from calling you that in public - that's the best I can do.

I cannot believe how fast time is passing. Daddy was playing old home movies the other day and there you were in all your glory, sitting in your diaper on your brothers bed with his guitar on your lap singing "You give love a bad name". A stellar rendition. It seems like just yesterday you were racing around, falling every couple of feet, yelling "I'm O.k." and needing a boost to get up on the bed. Now you can reach the light switches, climb onto the counters to help yourself to a snack, and just this morning you used a knife to cut your own breakfast feast of pancakes. The questions you ask me often throw me for a loop but thank god for google so you still think your mom knows everything.

I know we butt heads often, I guess we share the same strong will even if you didn't grow in my womb. You were meant to be my son for sure, if just to keep me on my toes. You keep wanting to grow up so fast and I work hard to keep you small. But I am proud of you - you are so thoughtful and sensitive and forgiving. I think this even when I can be overheard muttering that you are too smart for your own good.

My wishes for you as you get older and explore this vast world of ours are both endless and simple: believe in yourself, be good to others and never, ever doubt for a minute that you are loved entirely and completely by your family. We love you JJ.


  1. Aww... Happy belated birthday!!!

  2. This is beautiful. Happy (very) belated birthday!

  3. allie4:22 PM

    That was lovely! :)