Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Crisis Social Worker

Dear Crisis Social Worker

First, I want to say thank you for being so kind and understanding with my son when I brought him to the Emergency room. I appreciate that you saw his anxiety and despair for what it was and took him seriously.

I also want to thank you for trying to empathize with me and how exhausted and "burnt out" I was that day. I know your heart was in the right place, please know that.

However . . .

The last thing I needed you to tell me was that I know more about my son and all of his conditions than the rest of you and all your co-workers "put together". Seriously? Is that supposed to be some source of comfort to me? Or were you trying to plunge me deeper and darker into despair?

Also, you should know that I BELIEVE in inclusion. I believe a "child like mine" CAN and DOES belong in a "regular" school and in a "regular" classroom. Being told, while I am despondent about my 11 year old who is acting manic and saying he wants to kill himself, that I need to start making plans to basically institutionalize him in the next couple of years - how exactly is that helpful to me or him????? And why on earth would you say those things while he was 2 feet away from you?

But thank you - seriously. One thing that I have learned in all this is that it is hard for me to not have someone to be mad at. Dealing with this latest crisis and having my sons whole team all on the same page and in agreement with everything but no one being able to do anything - well, that was agonizing. When I have someone to rage against it almost makes it easier. It helps me to focus on something than just the pain, worry and despair. So inadvertently your words lifted me up, renewed my energy, made me sit up and say "no way in hell is that going to be my kids life".

Your words have made me determined, once my son has passed this crisis, to make sure that you eat your words.

Thank you.

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