Monday, August 22, 2011

In an Instant

At 4:30p.m. yesterday my cell phone rang

Call display told me it was my parents

My heart sank

They never call my cell phone

I answered and I could barely hear my mother over the static and what I then realized were her sobs

I tried to steal myself for what might come next

And all I heard was      Tornado

      Photo from London Free Press

A Tornado ripped through Goderich, a gorgeous town dubbed "Canada's Prettiest Town"

Pretty much the entire downtown, known as "The Square" has been decimated

This was all just a few blocks away from my parents

Thankfully my parents have only suffered minor damage to their home

One man is dead and many others injured. My thoughts and prayers are with this man's family and with the entire town as they begin to take in the devastation that has occurred around them.

When you look at the pictures it is amazing that there weren't more casualties

In an instant life can change


  1. That is horrifying!!!!! I didn't realize London had been hit so hard!

  2. ooops - I realized I made reference to "the Prettiest Town" but didn't specify that it is Goderich (London paper just had the best picture coverage) which is about an hour north-west of London.