Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bathing Suit Bribes - Out of the Mouths of Babes

One of the drawbacks of having a child who is seen as having "behaviours" is all the well intentioned BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT programs that get implemented by well meaning people. For C they are currently using fake money at school as an incentive and reinforcer. So, C is beginning to get the concept of money - but I think he's jumped a few steps (like how to count it and how to buy something simple at the store) and has jumped right to the "innappropriate" use of money and combined it with his own unique attempt to offer someone an incentive.

For the past couple of weeks I have been reminding C that he is a boy and when it is very hot and boys want to play in the backyard it is okay for them to take their shirts off. Last week our Respite worker was here and C wanted to use the water guns but started to throw a fit because his shirt was going to get wet. I reminded him that he should change into his bathing suit and no, his shirt wouldn't get wet - if he took it off. S headed to the door to go to her car to get her swimsuit - C headed her off at the pass and said "just take off your shirt like me". She reminded him that girls have to wear a top but he's not buying it. He wants her to be like him and he also doesn't want to wait while she gets changed. So he does what any self respecting "behaviour management" in training 7 year old would do - he says "I'll give you money" and holds out a few monopoly money.

Oh my, I figured the "birds and the bees" talk was right around the corner but little did I know I would be having a "we NEVER offer anyone money to take off their clothes" talk. His dad, of course, had a very long laugh summed up by a "that's my boy"!!!

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  1. most of those programs don't work, especially the ones with extrinsic rewards....