Saturday, June 10, 2006

Decision made

My husband has been blogging for quite some time, and I've been thinking about it. Now I have finally taken the plunge. Part of me is worried - what if I post things that others read and then I regret it? Afterall, in real life I am a chronic sufferer of "foot in mouth" disease. However, online I have been VERY cautious, very rarely ever using my first name and NEVER the names of my family.

But, I admit it - I'm intrigued. I want to write and write and write - there is nothing like putting your thoughts onto paper knowing that others will read it. Does it feel the same online???? We'll see. I've created this blog with my two ds in mind - becoming their mom has got to have been the best and most outrageous thing I have ever done. Often my exhaustion from being with them is far outweighed by the exhaustion I feel battling this world around us in an effort to keep them happy, healthy and moving forward.

I promise nothing. The best part in all this - if my writing sucks or it offends or it is just plain boring - don't read it. Who knows, maybe many people who have had to sit through seemingly endless stories in person will be spared now that I have this new outlet. You guys can dream :-)

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