Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Just call me Detective"

C tends to take things and hide them. He does this for any number of reasons - his OCD, attachment issues, need for control, a combination of them all. We've tried many things and really it's not an issue if he wants to eat food, why then does he have to take it, take one bite out of it and then hide it? He's not overly sophisticated at the hiding thing either. It might take him months of getting "caught" in one hiding spot before he moves onto a new one. Honestly we just don't put much energy into looking anymore, although we probably should. It's usually A that finds the "stash" (can you tell he's the cleaner one in this household?) and it drives him crazy.

Well, the last few days J is finally earning his stars as an annoying little brother. He's obviously been watching his older bro and has now started to tell on him and give away his secrets. Hmmm. Never occurred to me to ask the little guy. Today J is still home sick and after lunch he asked for some candy (I know, but it's a throat infection, not the flu) but I couldn't find the bowl. I started looking all over and finally threw my hands up and said "sorry, I can't find it". He jumped out of his seat and yelled, "I know where it is" and raced into the basement. A moment later he called for me and I went down to help him extricate the bowl from the hiding spot C had found for it. Since then he has also brought me a video game and a pop tart (1 bite taken) from a hiding spot in their shared room. When I thanked J for his help, his response with his hands on his hips and a wide stance, "Just call me detective!"

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