Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am happy to report that C is back in school. His removal only lasted one day. I anticipated a huge knock down drag out fight with the school. Instead I received an email shortly after I sent mine to the Principal, stating that a plan is in place (sounds like a good plan at that) but of course no acknowledgment of wrong doing or attempt to mend bridges. I guess that will be down to me.

C seems much happier the last couple of days - gee, I wonder why? He got punched in the face yesterday by another child and didn't retaliate. When I asked him about it he told me "Look Mom, the kid was having a bad day. He apologized, I accepted his apology, we left it at school. Case closed". So there! Boy has he come a long way. I think the EA was more upset about the punch than anyone else.

We are really seeing C growing leaps and bounds with regards to planning and problem solving. Case in point, on the weekend he was bored and wanting to call people. He knows we would limit who he was calling so as soon as our backs were turned he got hold of the phone and called a bunch of people, including his therapeutic riding. When A drove C to riding this morning the staff were, for some reason, all surprised to see C. Turns out he called them and left a very composed and professional message that he would not be coming this week. A was stunned (as was I when I heard) and C was upset because I don't think he had thought his plan through. Turns out he wanted me to take him instead of his dad (we alternate weeks) and somehow thought canceling today would achieve his goal. Natural consequences are a good thing, he couldn't ride or work in the barn because they weren't expecting him. Somehow I don't think he'll try that one again.

So, while his logic was faulty it does seem he tried to apply some. And that's a big step.

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