Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fresh Start

Well, I did it. I handed in my resignation at work at the beginning of March and April 4th was my last day. It was a long time coming but ultimately it was a series of events culminating in this day that made me finally take the plunge. We spent 7 years engaging in various infertility treatments then copious amounts of time and energy went into the adoptions of our two boys. After all that I couldn't justify dropping my kids off at school crying (them, not me - well not usually) every morning because I was stressed about trying to get everything done in a day.

Yes, I am fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive husband. Yes, I am lucky to be able to spend more time with my fabulous sons. I could barely contain myself from cartwheeling out the doors of the office building on Friday. Never mind that I don't know how to do a cartwheel. I couldn't wait to finally tackle the laundry pile, to run to the school on a moments notice for C without having to cancel appointments and worrying about how to play catch up later. And the paperwork - who creates a job where just by clocking in every morning you have suddenly become behind in your paperwork - I used to dread the phone ringing because then I would have to "document" the call! Whew! I couldn't believe how light I felt leaving the office Friday, the weight of the world off my shoulders finally!

Have I mentioned that I started a new job on Monday?

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