Saturday, August 16, 2008

These Three Years

Dear J
I know you think you are a big boy, and you are getting bigger but you will always be my baby boy. I cannot believe that it has been three years since you came home to us, your forever family. We are so thankful to all those who came before us and cared for you until it was our time to be your mom and dad and big brother. I laugh every time I remember back to our first meeting - you sitting in your highchair eating, food all over your face. You looked so wary of us - but within thirty minutes you were climbing all over A., a man you had no way of comprehending was going to be your dad - forever and always.

You have filled our lives with so much laughter and a few tears, mostly from all the laughing but from pride as well. When you laugh, that deep belly laugh, I cannot help but join in. That probably explains why you get away with so much - how can I scold you when I'm too busy laughing? You are so outgoing, saying "Hi" to every person you meet and making conversation with various customer service people every stop we make. You fill this house with noise and activity from the moment your feet hit the ground every morning (EARLY every morning).

You are such a good little brother - doing your share of revering your brother one minute and making sure to annoy him the next. You are so desperate to do the things your big brother can do and every day you dare to dream that you have magically grown and closed the five year age difference between you two over night. Such an imagination you have! Music is your "thing" right now and while your father and I hope you maintain your desire, we will pray that your Elaine way of dancing is just a phase.

When I look at you I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing and how old you are getting. I am trying hard to put the work aside and just spend time experiencing and enjoying life with you - there is so much you can teach me, especially about living in the moment. I promise I will try harder to embrace your energetic spirit and to be more patient as you crash and tumble your way through life. Believe me when I tell you I have a hard time remembering what life was like before you came and I hope to never experience it without you again.

We love you J., Happy Gotcha Day


  1. I loved reading this! Happy Gotcha Day to all of you!

  2. allie.5:34 PM

    I get a feeling of hope everytime I hear or read another parent saying how their children have inspired them more to live in the moment, and try to savour life the way their children savour it.