Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pure Gold Amidst the Crap!

These last few months, WOWZA! They have been the hardest ever. I cannot even begin to try to recount what our family has been through (though I will try at some point, promise). For now, C is spending lots of time with me at home (aka he's not in school) and I am adjusting to being a full time stay at home mom (aka I realized that people actually expect me to do HOUSEWORK - UGH).

Anyhow, there was a lot of drama last week. I was raging and crushed all at once. You would be so proud of how I held myself together and refocused on the family. What good does ruminating and seething and agonizing do if it takes away from the here and now with my precious family?

So we got celebrated Easter, got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather, had lots of chocolate, saw How to Tame Your Dragon (with only 6 other people in the theatre, YEAH)

and I taught my baby how to ride a two wheeler (Actually he taught himself. I had geared up for lots of falls and tears - both his and mine - but he literally took off the first try and left me in his dust).

Oh and I worked on that "cleaning the house" part of my job description by tackling the linen closet. I didn't get a before pic but let me assure you it was not pretty. Not sure how long it will stay like this but my dear sweet husband was mighty happy.

Then this morning we were having a craptastic start to the day. C was in a foul mood, having difficulty regulating himself but yet we ventured to the library. On the way home (me focusing on taking deep breaths, at least the calming techniques are useful to someone in our family) C discovered his small treasure box between the front seats that he had forgotten about. He rooted around in it and discovered there was one last "Golden Treasure" (aka Werthers Original Candy). He went on and on about how excited he was that there was one left and how amazing it was that he found it and how looking forward to the "sweet goodness" in his mouth.

Then he paused, put his hand out and offered "Do you want it mom?"


And that people is my Pure Gold amidst the Crap that is my life of late.


  1. allie5:58 PM

    I've been checking every day to see if you've updated to hear how you're all doing. Isn't it amazing that with all your son has gone through, and even in a stressed mindset that day...he is able to make your day?
    <3 hugs.

  2. glad that you found, I always loving it when that happens. THe gold on the tough days is what keeps me going. I need some gold today too. I hope you have a good weekend, or at least a calm one.