Sunday, July 04, 2010

Better than Christmas . . .

The bags are packed. A is loading up the van. I wander around the house with my list, trying to make sure we haven't forgotten anything. Baths are being had and clothes will get laid out to aid in our early morning rising and departure. The air in our home is electric, the excitement is palpable.

It's the eve before we leave for what could possibly be heaven on earth for C. Two weeks of unadulterated fun and freedom at Camp Winston. C told me earlier today that if given a choice between what was more exciting, Christmas Eve or the night before Camp he lit up and said "Camp of course, every time".

At Camp he is himself. He is embraced and loved and celebrated for his uniqueness. He is gently challenged to try new things and to try to see other people's views in things. But in all he is a boy at camp. A wonderful, curious, brave soul who is loved wholly and completely.

It has been the hardest year for all of us and I am not sure who in this house is the most excited about Camp tomorrow. It will be hard to let him go and yet as we drive away I know I will have a calm in my heart that it hasn't felt in a very long time.


  1. I hope he has an amazing time. I would be interested to know how you found this camp, we have been thingking about camp, not this year but maybe next but I am afraid that it would be hard to find a place that the boys could go where there would be enough supervision, they do really well with structured environments and I think they could handle it as long as the staff was in the know so to speak.

  2. J- I added a link to Camp Winston in my blog that I meant to add when originally posting. They do have a waiting list so if you even think you might want to send the boys get them on the list now. You can always change your mind and decline later I know not every camp is for everyone but I can say that they have wonderful supervision and its a therapeutic camp so they have dealt with all things conceivable that our kids can throw at them.

  3. Yay camp! O is at a great daycamp now and another special one next week. He LOVES them. I'm so glad C has such a great place to enjoy some of his summer. These times are what great memories are made of and will no doubt bring out the best in him. Have a great few weeks!