Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sensory Stuff and a great Give-A-Way

There is so much going on around our house and in our family. Throughout each day I compile in my mind all the Blog posts I want to do - but I never get to them. Even when I have a few minutes to sit down at the computer it all seems too much to make sense of it all let alone try to make a post. I do think I will be able to carve out time next week when J is at an all day Summer Camp and C is still not back home yet (such a long long story and I promise I will tell it - I am just mindful that much of the story is his to tell, not mine).

In the meantime, Natalie at My Yellow Apple blogged about this great contest and I wanted to let anyone who might be reading about it.When I jumped over to Soft to check out their giveaway I was amazed by all that I saw. How had I not heard of this company before??? How many hours had I agonized over trying to find C clothes and other accessories to fit his needs? I was able to find things here and there, like some VERY EXPENSIVE polyester clothing kids wear under their clothes when playing hockey etc (I later found it in the U.S. at Target for a 1/4 of the price but the damage to my bank account was already done). In his early years waistbands on pants were an issue and we were fortunate enough that many stores carried adjustable waist and what we termed in our house "Easy pants" - the pants that have a little clasp instead of a button (which was Fine motor issues rather than sensory). But then he got bigger and it was harder to find "easy pants" and he began to be bothered more by the texture of the clothes. He really loved the make of Mexx pants, they are soooo soft, but unless on sale they are expensive. For the last year he has been mainly wearing jogging pants - I HATE them. I want him to wear some nicer looking pants - and I usually just let my kids where what they want. I had hoped to order from this company but it looks like they stop one size lower in pants than what C wears. Sigh. But thats okay because they still have lots to offer our family and I'll keep you posted about how we like them. Of course I am also entering the Soft clothing contest in hopes of winning the giveaway. A mom always needs to have dreams!

You can enter too. Click on the company name in my post above or follow this link

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