Friday, October 29, 2010

I am sitting here at the computer responding to a few emails before I quickly eat and then maybe finally shower and then I need to bake some cupcakes and clean and and and . . . all before I go for yet ANOTHER treatment/placement/services meeting about C. I started to think - how many of these meetings for C have I been to??? Honestly if I had to guess I would say it has been no less than 150 in 8 years. Thats NOT including all the medical appointments.

Each meeting is AT LEAST an hour. Usually a lot more and usually longer because of me - I like to be thorough and C is a complex kid.

So even if we are conservative and say half those meetings are 1 hour and half were 2 hours long then that means I have spent at least 225 hours in meetings

that's not including all the phone calls and letters leading up to them

its not including the travel time to and from and MANY I have to travel 2 hours away to get to!!!!

Oh my, and its not including all the parent and kid groups for treatment and again we travel over 200km each away to get to those - sometimes we have to go once a week for 10-12 weeks (like I am now for an attachment group).


No wonder I am soooooo flipping tired of meetings

I have one this afternoon.

Its very important.

I don't want to go

Can you imagine if I just didn't show up?????

All of you other mom's of "spirited" kids know what I am talking about here. We love our kids but it feels good to think for just a minute that I don't have to go to this meeting. I could just stand there and stomp my foot and say "NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and instead go get a Pumpkin Latte and sit by a warm fireplace somewhere and read a good book.

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  1. I can only imagine how much you dread going to those meetings. But, that's what makes you a terrific mom, committed to the welfare of your kids:)