Thursday, December 02, 2010

Counting My Blessings 2 - Home

We lived in an apartment on the "bad side" of town for almost 7 years, saving up while all the young couples around us jumped into big time debt and bought houses with astronomical mortgages. I rallied against A many times, trying to get him to agree to move, even to a rented town home just so I could feel like we were getting on with our lives.

He didn't give in and I am so thankful for that. When it was time to look for a house to buy we did weekend after weekend of open houses and A kept me aimed at the houses at the low end of our budget - again I was slightly resentful but again I am so thankful.

The summer of 2002 we moved into our new home and we have no intentions of ever leaving. Once in a while we think about what it would be like to live in a larger home, one with a guest room or even an in-law suite for my mother in law. Once in a while I visit friends and allow myself to be envious of their vast rooms and stylish kitchens. But the truth is we likely stay where we are for MANY MANY years and with my financially frugal husband our mortgage will be paid off around the time C graduates highschool.

Its a modest home. We often neglect her. But she is ours and she is a part of our family. We know we are so blessed to have our home - so many people have less by far and we know it.

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