Friday, December 24, 2010

Embracing Important Things in Life and Letting Go of Everything Else

So I know I fell off the bloggy bandwagon a few weeks ago. sigh. But it was for VERY good reason.

We celebrated my birthday with a trip to Toronto to see Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe at Convocation Hall at University of Toronto. It's A's alma mater so it was nice for him to be back on campus if even only for a short time. It was J's first time seeing Stuart and C's second. The boys were wonderfully well behaved and it was magical watching the show in the very very old Hall.

Then there have been all the Christmas preparations. I really wanted to embrace this Holiday season. I didn't want it to all fly by and have regrets about the things I wished we had done (or that I had done).

So I made cookies - lots and lots of cookies. C was proud to be my helper and this year he actually helped. He became a pro at using the cookie press and was quite creative in the topping placements and choices.

and gift trays and baskets for teachers, educational assistants and other school staff. Plus former co-workers and community agency professionals that have done so much for our family this past year.

There was the Christmas photo (did it myself and it went wonderful - after about 50 shots and me losing my mind) and cards (which I was determined to do as I hadn't been able to last year) and the family newsletter (yes we do one but no it isn't all just bragging about how great our kids are).

Then there were the Gingerbread masterpieces. Usually we do a prefab store bought house. This year I was determined to create one. Then the boys couldn't decide what kind. So C asked for a castle and J asked for Big Ben. Uhhhhh, ok, thanks guys - didn't they realize I had never done this before? But it went surprisingly well and we ended up with


So that is where I have been and we haven't even celebrated Christmas yet. For THAT we have to head out to spend it with family.

Merry Christmas


  1. I love it! The gingerbread creations are awesome. C did so well with the cookies and I am amazed to see them still on the plate. You made some wonderful and meaningful gift baskets. Can I hire you? :-) Enjoy the rest of your holiday. There's plenty of time for blogging in the new year.

  2. I just adore Stuart McLean, very jealous of the nice venue you had for him. We too made lots and lots of cookies this year (the OT reccomends lots of dough work, but she probably doesn't realize how many cookies I end up eating.) I hope you all had a great Christmas.