Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Makes it All Worth It

Empathy was such a hard thing for C to express. I always knew he felt deeply, he just didn't know how to show it appropriately. It took us a long time to fully understand that when either A or I would get sick (just a headache or a cold, nothing serious) that C would suddenly get out of control BECAUSE he was worried about us. It wasn't because he couldn't stand not having our undivided attention or because he was selfish. Not at all. It was because the idea of us being sick, unavailable to him terrified him. It put his whole system into overdrive and it came from such a visceral place that he had absolutely no control over it.

So when A and I both became ill, at the same time, over the holidays - it wasn't smooth sailing but our boy showed us just how far he had come. This picture my friends is worth a million words and absolutely touched us to our core. Things like this is what makes all the rest of it soooooo worth it!

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  1. So special. It's only lately that O has been getting better at the whole empathy thing too. Way to go C!