Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Fun

I'm very achy and sore today but thankfully I am not sick. Nope, it's the fall out of my most recent outing with my 7 year old.

I realized last week that while I used to always go tobogganing (or sledding I think you call it in the U.S.) with C as a way to get him all the physical activity he needed and to try to preserve some of my sanity - I rarely ever take J.  There are always dishes to do, laundry to be folded and to be honest I am feeling older and out of shape and just downright lazy.

But I made a promise to myself that I would take him considering that following the horror that was 2010 I have this new resolve to seize the day and enjoy moments with the kids. To really be in the moment with them, not just as a casual observer or taking pictures on the sidelines to never one day scrapbook in an attempt to try to prove how happy and involved I was in their childhood. (the pictures here are actually from last year - we were too extreme yesterday for me to risk bringing the camera. :-)

So yesterday C was away with his Dad so J and I headed out to the hill. I made sure I was warm so I wouldn't wimp out and we took two toboggan's with us. We got there and there were about 5 other families already enjoying the snow. I felt a little self conscious at first but it didn't take long before J and I were racing each other down the hill. And I don't mean that I sat on the toboggan and pushed off gently. Nope we started from standing and ran and launched ourselves down the hill.

When I posted something on my Facebook page a friend said she was nominating me for mother of the year. I pointed out that I would hardly fit that bill since on one occasion I actually reached over and caused my son to do a somersault in the air off his board and he landed face first in the snow. The I laughed at him (well I made sure he was okay first and he was laughing before I was). At one point he jumped off his board and onto my back. We were shrieking hysterical messes and while I didn't last long the quality seemed to hit the spot for J.

Of course today my rib cage hurts and my whole body aches but soooooo totally worth it!


  1. I second the nomination. And I want to thank you for helping me through my recent struggles. ♥

  2. Love it! Body aches are worth it for all the joy of winter fu.