Friday, February 04, 2011

In the Meantime

I'm working on a few posts but I need to be able to focus for a period of time and since C is in a dysregulated state that is not likely to happen soon. So, in the meantime, I did come across this broadcast about Juvenile BiPolar Disorder on the Coffee Klatch on blogtalkradio with Alissa Bronsteen Director of the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation and and Demitri Papolos author of The Bipolar Child . I found it really interesting (what I've been able to listen to so far) and several times found myself wondering if someone had shared our son's file with them.

I thought perhaps other's might be interested so here it is.

Alissa Bronsteen Dr Demitri Papolos - Child Bipolar 11/21/2010 - The Coffee Klatch | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

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