Monday, September 22, 2008

Confessions of a Soccer Mom

I have started this post over and over, constantly erasing it. It just hasn't flowed through my fingers onto the keyboard. So many things are going on - nothing bad, just busy. It feels like a momentous time, things are happening slowly but so evidently. It is hard to describe to people - I feel like I am walking in another mother's shoes. This is some sort of alternate reality. I think I like it. I am afraid to get too comfortable though - I know things can change in an instant.

For now though - I sit on the side of the soccer field and cheer on my son's school soccer team. I sometimes get caught up in the moment and yell things out. I whoop with delight when we score. I gasp when a player falls and groan when we kick but miss. The sun beams down on us and a light, cool wind blows. I beam as I watch my son, part of a team, for the first time.

It feels good. He is proud, so are we.

True bliss


  1. And you DESERVE to be proud! Just as much as he deserves to be part of a team and have fun doing it. This is wonderful news! Congrats. :)

  2. That is such heartwarming news. I so want K.C. to be part of a team someday, sometimes when I see other kids playing together or a team of kids I want the same for K.C.
    I think it's so wonderful he's playing soccer! I am with the first commenter, YOU deserve to be proud and he deserves to be part of the team!

  3. after another game today his team is undefeated. The playoffs start Thursday