Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's more pathetic?

Which scenario is more pathetic?

I am upstairs getting dressed and I hear blood curdling screaming between the boys. I turn to go intervene only to be stopped in my tracks by J yelling at the top of his lungs "floot boor anataga!" and C yelling "STOP SWEARING AT ME!". "I can if I want to, it's my language" says J as C screams in frustration and stomps his foot. They begin a back and forth of "is not, is too" and then I am asked to be the judge - is J in fact swearing if the words are made up but the intent to swear is there?


The fact that I am watching all this unfold, a smile tugging at my lips thinking "Now that's one for the blog".

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  1. allie5:36 PM

    lol they have a very valid point you know! some people get huffy about fricken or flipping or heck, because they're the same intention as swearing just not the actual word....these guys are wiser than their years would have you think! ;)
    btw, monctalacta wootboo fulsa pop.
    ask them, they'll know ;)