Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy & Bumpy Days

The last few days have been very hectic for me. For a year I wasn't able to work as we travelled back and forth for C and tried to get our lives to what we consider "normal". In that time I actually started to embrace being a full time parent. However, I need something for me outside these 4 walls and we could honestly use some money coming in as having a child hospitalized 2 hours away and a significant cut in income can really cut into savings.

So about a month ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to take on a small part of a project geared to helping our community rethink housing for individuals with disabilities and other needs in our community. It hits home for me and I've immersed myself in all the research and community outreach. Much of that work culminates today in a community forum. We had hoped to get 75 people in attendance. As of last night there were 148 registered and the calls and emails continued to come in.

On the home front C has had some rough days with the treatment centre he attends part time. It's culminated in his refusal inability to attend. I won't go into detail because that's his story to tell should he wish to some day - but I will say yet again that my dream for this world is that people could, in the face of what seems like acting out behaviour or noncompliance, act with compassion and guidance rather than threats and power struggles. Going into a meeting with the centre tomorrow, I'm not at all sure what the future holds - but I do feel peace and conviction in what I know my son does and doesn't need. My son is good enough just the way he is, thank you very much. That will guide me, no matter how bumpy and unpredictable the path.


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