Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Small Update & The Best Secret Ever

C has been working so hard - at school, home, Scouts and the treatment centre he attends most afternoons. He's actually finishing projects he has started (with lots of support) and he has a Science Fair Project due this Friday (I'll post more on that soon). A few weeks ago we increased his time at school and he's now up to 2 hours. He's doing really well while he's there but we do experience the fallout at home afterward.

Every Spring for the past 8 years C has grown very despondent and his OCD symptoms have come on full force. This year he's on different meds and has an amazing amount of support so while we are seeing an increase in the OCD, its not nearly as debilitating and the depression has been kept at bay (knock on wood).  He's doing well but it does come at a cost to all of us - including him.

So we are trying to be proactive this year and had anticipated the Spring is hard and we planned for him to attend a Respite weekend where he attends Summer Camp. For C, Camp Winston is like Christmas and we know he will love his time there. We are hoping it is just the boost he needs. He doesn't know yet that he's going - this is the hardest secret to keep!! But we need to get through the week and his Science Fair project is due this Friday - he's worked SO hard on this and we don't want him distracted from it.

When will he know he's going? Well, on Friday I will pick the boys up really early from school and tell them we are going to visit their Great Grandma (which we will as it will make a great timing for a movement break and we haven't seen her in forever). Then we will get back in the van and halfway there (camp is about a 6 hour drive from where we live) A will call C from work. I just hope C's excitement can be contained for the remainder of the trip.

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