Tuesday, April 05, 2011

To My Son

I hear you loud and clear

Life has upended on you

Upsetting voices invade your thoughts

Intrusive thoughts race through your brain

taunting, haunting, egging you on

I see that you are struggling

I see the torment in your eyes

I feel your desparation

I hear you

We are listening

We are working

We know you are wonderful and good

We know you need people on your side

people who see past the "behaviour"

We know you are tired

and overwhelmed

and we are trying not to be right along with you

We hear you. We see you

We are here

We aren't going anywhere

We can do this


  1. and we hear you. You are not alone, hang in there.

  2. Nicely said. And as J. says, you are not alone, even if we can't be right with you we are WITH you.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog- I've been lurking on yours too :-) I've sort of fallen out of blogging, but someday I may get the fever again. Are you on facebook? If so, I'm Gretchen Brandt Webster- lets get in touch there...

  4. thanks everyone! I appreciate your support while I support my son. Means everything to me!!!!