Friday, November 25, 2011

Injustices and being complicit

I often work hard to make sure I don't waste time on guilt . . . I lump it with regret, a natural human emotion but not very helpful or productive. I prefer to try to be forward thinking, spending my limited resources on finding solutions and making change for the better instead.

With that said, I am overwhelmed with guilt, remorse, regret and deep seeded anguish over what has happened to my son and what is happening to hundreds of other children in my home community at the hands of treatment centres. I hope to be able to make changes and I have removed my son from that environment. A newspaper story about one of the treatment centres in town has brought it all to the forefront today.

I grapple with what I will do. Do I go forward with our own story of the other agency, who from the description of the agency in the paper is doing even WORSE things??? If I do it puts my family at risk in ways I cannot go into on this blog. But I have to do something.

Years ago I bore witness to many injustices to vulnerable people at a place of employment. I took small stands back then but my complicity still haunts me to this day.

I will have to do something moving forward - for all those children whose parents don't know or who don't have parents. I'm just not sure how to proceed at this time.


  1. Hi -- I am sad to read about this. Would you consider posting a link to the article you mentioned?

    Have you written on this blog about what has happened to your son in relation to the treatment centre?

    Don't forget that we all deserve compassion and mercy. I am sure you have always done the best you possibly could given the information you had at the time. Take care, Louise

  2. hang in there, glad you are back and posting. remember that you are not alone and there are others out here who get it. I recently started a facebook group for Mamas like us if you are are interested in having a place to vent. I hear you about the system/treatment centers, it is one of the the many reasons I have fought so hard so my boys sister, I worry about what will happen.