Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amidst the Madness

I picked C up at school on Wednesday. When I got there he was bouncing in and out of the Principals' office. My heart sank and I admit I wondered if I would be able to get out of the hall without being summoned into her office to "talk for a sec" (translation: your son is in BIG trouble and I want to rip your heart out). I stood there wondering if I will always have that gut reaction where I want the floor to open up and swallow me every time the principal walks toward me?

As they walked toward me though the principal looked, peaceful, not frazzled. C gave no indication of being upset as he darted for the front door and I followed (yes, I did think it would be the perfect excuse to not have a long conversation). She followed us and tentatively said " I wanted you to know c had a rough afternoon. He climbed under a table again and so I climbed in there too". I honestly think all I could muster in response was "oh. . . " and she continued, she told me how they found a way to have a conversation and he shared some things he hadn't shared with anyone other than his father and I. As she was telling me this, both my boys were climbing on snow piles and acting like maniacs. It didn't all register with me until later that night.

The Principal climbed under a table and sat with my son and had a heartfelt conversation about why he is sad.

Amidst the madness of late comes this wonderful moment. In so many ways we are so blessed.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad to meet you and your boys- they sound a bit like my own.

    This is a good post compared to the last! It's great to read about a school official who will make that extra effort. Hope things make an upswing for all of you as spring arrives!

  2. allie9:51 PM

    awesome to hear someone would try so hard to make a connection, they'd scrabble around on the floor in an effort to see from their perspective.
    I hope this principal doesn't change as their career progresses.