Thursday, March 20, 2008

Houston we have lift off!!!!

I received a call 20 minutes ago from the school - I almost didn't pick up, I thought for sure it would be some sort of "problem" and with it being Good Friday tomorrow I really didn't want to deal with it. But, I picked up. That will teach me to be such a pessimist. It was his teacher Ms. M wanting to tell me what a wonderful week C had. She talked about purposefully giving him "missions" to do such as going to the library to pick something up for her and how successful he was and how proud she was of him and he was of himself. Which is exactly what I have been thinking lately but I thought for sure they would fight me when I brought it up again at the school conference we have scheduled for March 27th.

I am ecstatic! When I told him I had just talked to his teacher his face began to fall but I quickly told him how proud his teacher was and he just beamed!

What a way to start the Easter Holiday.

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