Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coming of Age . . . 40 that is

In our family we go on a roadtrip every March Break (I think our American friends refer to it as Spring Break?). The bad weather led us to rearrange our trip but we were thankful we didn't have to cancel. First we headed to Greenville, Ohio to my beloved Kitchenaid store where we discovered they had held over some wonderful sales until the end of March because of the bad weather. Then off to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis (FABULOUS!) and other site seeing and shopping. Today we headed to Louisville Kentucky. We are on night 4 of a 5 night trip. All is going amazingly well.

Until this morning . . . when I discovered a grey hair sticking up maddeningly out of the top of my head, just like Alfalfa. It's not my first grey hair and it won't be my last but it honestly was like it was taunting me for pete's sake!!!! Then I was playing my husband's Nintendo Ds Brain age game and it tells me I am like someone in my 40's - I'm 34! And then we go to Walmart where I delight that I can buy beer along with my other sundries (in Ontario, Canada where I live you have to go to the "Beer Store" or an LCBO). Low and behold I am walking to our van with my beer and bags only to see on the receipt in LARGE print at the bottom "All customers appearing to be under the age of 40 will be asked to provide proof of age by showing proper ID". Great - so now I don't even look like I am under 40?? I seriously wanted to go back in and show the cashier and say "oops, hon, don't you want to card me?". My husband stopped me, the last thing he wanted was for me to drop to my knees sobbing and begging to be carded.

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  1. Imagine my surprise when my ENT told me I needed hearing aids and I was only 30. I still have not gotten them because I just can't come to terms with it (or afford it).